I have a Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Pro (kenzo) phone with a locked bootloader. Earlier, I unlocked this, but I do this with an easy switcher tumbler "OEM-unlock", so I flashed TWRP, custom ROMs, etc. After this, I flashed one more official MIUI ROM (Android 5.1), and the bootloader was locked.

I tried fastboot oem unlock, fastboot flashing unlock and other commands to unlock. I unlocked with Mi unlock and many attempts to unlock. Then I flashed the official Android 6.0 ROM with EDL, but when I tried to replace the stock recovery.img to TWRP recovery (yes, I renamed the file to recovery.img), I still see the stock recovery.

I also unpacked boot.img in EDL ROM and replaced ro.secureboot.devicelock=1 to ro.secureboot.devicelock=0, but when I flashed it, it doesn't boot (fastboot only).

How can I unlock the bootloader or flash TWRP with EDL?


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I find a way to unlock device without waiting. You need to: Mi Account and SIM-card with same number, that registred in Mi-account. Then, you need to link account to device (in internet much of instructions). Then the main step: download another version of Mi Unlock 5.5.0224.55, and unlock with this version. It do next steps: bypass the unlock time, unlock without getting any keys/tokens.

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