I would need to know if the TV's network card supports WakeOnLan (it has RJ45 port). One Unix function that would let me see that would be "ethtool" but is not installed in the system. I have already tried installing it from Termux but there is some dependency issue with a .so file that does not let me finish ethtool installation. I have also browsed around the filesystem but could not find any information (eg. in a txt file). I can see when the cable is plugged in but that's not sufficient...

Is there anything else I can try?

The TV runs Android 9.0 and I can call "su" from adb shell...

  • I would be surprised if a TV would support WOL. Also check settings of your TV is there is something like a normal/deep stand-by mode. The less the power consumption is the less likely WOL will work.
    – Robert
    May 18 at 7:15


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