I have a Baseus dock with HDMI output and 3 USB inputs. Using the OnePlus 8 on Android 11, I used to use it with the desktop mode to do some things on the TV using a basic mouse and keyboard and the phone was charging all the while.

After the Android 12 upgrade, if I connect the dock to power, suddenly both the mouse and the keyboard stop working. The dock and display output and mouse and keyboard work perfectly if I don't connect it to power. Unplugging the power from the dock stops the display output for some reason.

Is there anything I can do?

  • As it was working on Android 11 and stopped working after the Android 12 update this is most likely due to a change in the USB driver or it's configuration). On unrooted devices you can't change anything regarding USB drivers, so the only way is to contact OnePlus and report this bug.
    – Robert
    May 29 at 10:59


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