If a systemless root is done, will software updates still appear in settings/show up as a notification that there is a new update available?

In case it does show up, can you download and install the update directly from the settings app even though the phone is rooted?

From what I read, systemless roots are great because they allow you to update a rooted Android without unrooting it. Is this the case or have I misread something?

Another thing I was curious about is if you root your Android via systemless root, would the phone status stay "official" or will it be "modified"/"custom"? And would a factory reset unroot a phone that has been rooted via systemless root?


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No, no matter how you root your device, you won't get Android updates unless you flash a newer rom on Android which may cause you to have to wipe your phone. It also depends on what you use, if you use Magisk, KingoRoot or CF-Autoroot, then it may hide the root, but all jailbreaking apps try to hide the root so that you don't get stopped from using apps.

  • Edit: Factory resetting removes root, but depending on your oem, they may always be able to tell if you root your phone. Like if you have a Note 3 that is rooted, it starts up and says Void Warranty on the top left. Samsung will always know that you rooted your device, even if you remove the root.
  • although I am not Samsung user this is contradictory to my (mothers) Huawei experience, where FOTA is overwriting ramdisk.img (boot.img) automatically, causing loss of magisk su each time. there is also Magisk OTA survival guide (for non-samsung devices)
    – alecxs
    Jun 4, 2022 at 4:56

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