I'd like to connect a VGA monitor to an Android device. I'm thinking to connect a usb-hub to the device, then plug USB to VGA adapter into the hub. Also a mouse and a keyboard are going to be connected to that hub (i.e. to the Android device). Is it going to work or display should be the only thing to be connected to micro-usb port of the Android device? I.e. this way:

Android device -> the hub -> keyboard,
                          -> mouse,
                          -> usb to vga adapter -> display.

I were considering such https://a.co/d/hADyUFi

and such


types of adapters.

  • I don't think that the Android kernel contains the necessary drivers for a USB-to-VGA connector. But in the end it depends on which converter chip us used by the USB-to-VGA converter and which phone model respectively what extensions have been added by the phone manufacturer. So there is no general answer, but I would surprised if you would find a device with the necessary drivers included. If the phone is rooted you could try to build your own kernel and include the drivers.
    – Robert
    Jun 12 at 15:55
  • The StarTech product might be using DisplayLink (that's the most common video-over-USB2.0 protocol), and I have no idea whether Android supports DisplayLink though most likely it won't. But the "Tripp-Lite" product in your second Amazon link is not a VGA adapter at all – it's an RS-232 serial (aka "COM port") adapter. Note how it has a 9-pin connector (DE-9) while VGA uses a 15-pin one. (Such adapters do actually work with Android for serial communications... but again, it's not a VGA adapter.)
    – user1686
    Jun 13 at 8:18


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