Can a store see an email address associated with my Google account (a card has been added to) when I pay with Google Pay via NFC?

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Google Pay transmits credit card number(s) to the merchant terminal, I don't think the payment NFC standard even has the possibility to transmit an e-mail address (no data field for that).

According to the "Detailed Google Pay transaction process in stores" this data is transmitted from the phone to the payment terminal:

  1. Merchant receives token: When the customer taps their device on an NFC-enabled terminal at the store’s point-of-sale, the device sends the token, token expiry date, and cryptogram to the terminal via the NFC protocol.


The data is processed then by the "Acquirer" and "TSP" both financial companies. In the end the merchant respectively the used terminal just gets a success or failure response but no customer data.

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