AFAIK there were never msgstore.db.crypt14 incremental backups in WhatsApp message file backup design strategy - aka everyday WhatsApp leaves a 1.1gb file in
/sdcard/WhatsApp/databases . Now I know I did not delete any messages in bulk in fact none.
What I observed is that the database backup size has shrunk 🤔 a tad bit . Please see the screenshot. What can explain this ?
could any of the following be happening to account for the screenshot ?
-- WhatsApp refuses now to backup messages past a certain time frame e.g. oldest message will be today() - 365*x
-- compression has changed- well it did from crypt12 to crypt14 but we are still at crypt14

-- there is some incremental approach in play and not all days get full backupsenter image description here
p.S my internal storeage WhatsApp parttion is getting full so I have written a batch script that moves msgstore.db.crypt14 files from its default location to another . What you see is in the latter directory


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