I am trying to run an Android AOSP 12L system.img file ―that was built for arm64― on an Android emulator. I had downloaded the Android source code for the Sony Xperia 10 III device from the Sony developers guide. I followed the procedure that is mentioned on Sony's open device project website to do a custom build of the Android AOSP 12L. The build of the source code was successful after which the following .img files were generated:

  • system.img
  • boot-5.4.img
  • ramdisk.img
  • vbmeta.img

I want to run these images on an emulator before flashing them to the Sony Xperia 10 III device.

I downloaded the Android Studio by Google. The emulator version installed on it is Android Emulator 31.2.10. Unfortunately, it does not have the provision to run a custom-built image rather it only provides the Android images provided by Google. I had downloaded the Android 12 system.img for arm64 from the options listed and tried swapping that system.img file with the system.img file that was built by myself. But the emulator does not start and shows "Android emulator has been terminated".

I downloaded the Anbox emulator and that starts with its own Android image and does not have the provision to run out system.img file.

Is there a way in which I can use any Android emulator to run the system-generated .img file?



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