In Windows, it is possible to use a "bat" file format that reads and processes written commands, such as a command to open the Windows Calculator (which you can also do via CMD).

Is this also possible on Android? If yes, which app and which Android command library can I use?

  • Try Termux app. Read about it. Try it. Keep trying it. That's all.
    – Firelord
    Jun 26, 2022 at 10:45

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Since Android is a linux-based Operating System, it would be shell scripts (.sh) instead of batch files, probabiy run with sh, a bash like shell located in /system/bin/sh

To open applications using a shell script you would need root access and can use a terminal emulator like termux.

First of all, grant termux full storage rights


To launch apps, you must write commands using Activity Manager

For instance, to launch calculater (I'm using Google Calculator for the guide) using a shell script in android, the procedure would be this

  1. Create a file eg calc.sh in /storage/emulated/0 ie the user-accessible part of your internal storage, with the following content
am start com.google.android.calculator/com.android.calculator2.Calculator  
  1. Open Termux
cd /storage/emulated/0  
sh calc.sh  
  1. The calculator should launch

Bonus: You can also execute commands on android using your PC via ADB


Use a terminal emulator like Termux to run shell scripts.


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