According to the release notes in Magisk v25 there was significant rewrite. The installation instructions advocated now say flashing Magisk in recovery is

This installation method is deprecated and is maintained with minimum effort. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

Instead they're pushing a new "Patching Image" method.

My device has a vbmeta and a ramdisk, but I don't understand what they mean with boot.img. What is that?

I'm flashing LineageOS with Micro G, which has

  • lineage-18.1-20220703-microG-instantnoodlep.zip

There is no boot.img there, and even in the zip there is no .img. So how do you get the patched method working with a custom ROM that isn't an .img? All the instructions say is

If your device has boot ramdisk, get a copy of the boot.img.

But it doesn't say where to get the boot.img?


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Here is what I did that worked.

  • Install TWRP

  • Download payload-dumper-go

  • Run go build

  • For your lineage or lineage-microG distribution which is a .zip, run unzip MyDownloadedImage.zip

  • Inside you'll have your payload.bin, you need to run

    ./payload-dumper-go ./payload.bin
  • This will output a directory like extracted_20220713_181918/ inside which you'll have your magisk_patched-<number>_<hash>.img

After that you must use TWRP to flash the patched image.

  1. Push this file over to your phone with

    adb push ./boot.img /sdcard
  2. Run with Magisk and patch that boot.img, this will create a new patched file under Download as magisk_patched. IT DOES NOT REPLACE THE boot.img.

  3. Reboot into TWRP.

    1. Click Install (top left)
    2. Click Install Image (bottom right)
    3. Browse to Download (should be /sdcard/Download)
    4. Select the magisk_patched-<number>_<hash>.img
    5. Select Boot
    6. Swipe to confirm

Not using TWRP?

If you're not using TWRP, you can manually flash boot, by

  1. Pulling the image down from your phone,

    adb pull /sdcard/Download/*.img
  2. Flashing with fastboot, like

    fastboot flash boot /sdcard/Download/magisk_patched.img

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