Problem description

I wrote tasks onto NFC tags

  • to play different playlists in a media player app,
  • to control the media player (Vol +/-, next/previous title, pause/resume, quit media player) and
  • to shut down the smartphone.

Starting the media player playing a certain playlist works fine. All media control commands/tasks work fine except for "pause", "resume" and "pause/resume". Quitting the media player (with root permissions) and shutting down the smartphone work.

The smartphone recognizes these commands/tasks and prints them to the display when a NFC tag with one of these commands written onto it is held onto the smartphone's NFC reader. However, the currently running music is not paused and paused music is not resumed. There is no difference between running the media player in the background or in the foreground.


What might cause this issue and how can I solve it?

Technical Details

  • OS: Lineage OS 17.1 official (Android 10)
  • device: Galaxy A3 2016
  • media player app: VLC Media player (but also tested Foldplay, Vanilla Music, mMusic Mini, Audify Music, AOSP Music+, Schlichter Music-Player, Simple Music Player, Lineage OS Music Player 3.0).
  • NFC Writer Apps: MacroDroid (root permissions), NFC Tools PRO (default user permissions)
  • tried these NFC tag writers as well (but they could not write media control commands onto NFC tags): NFC TagWrite by NXP, NFC Writer by Trigger, NFC/RF Reader and Write (by GreenlifeiInfo Tech), NFC-Tags write and read (by Yalintech), NFC Tag Writer & Reader (by Winning Studios Apps)
  • can be reproduced on same smartphone model with Lineage OS 19.1 unofficial (Android 12) without any root permissions

Some other details

I am setting up a "music box" for my child similar to a Tony Box based on a Galaxy A3 2016. This music box should be controlable by NFC tags - except for turning the smartphone on. Most tasks are written via the MacroDroid App which has root priviledges. "pause/resume" neither works when written via MacroDroid (root) nor when written via NFC Tasks Pro (without root priviledges).

The display briefly flickers if a "media control pause/resume/pause-or-resume" command/task is issued via a NFC tag. But, nothing else happens except ... [see next paragraph].

If I play an audio file in the LineageOS Music Player by tabbing onto the file in the file browser, a minimal version of the player appears. If I hold a "media control: pause" tag onto the smartphone's NFC readern then the app is killed. However, this does not happen when I start the LineageOS mediaplayer manually and start playing audio files from within the player. This happens with no other player.


What I tried so far to solved this issue

  • tried nine different music players
  • looked for (and tried) different NFC writer apps; however, most of the NFC writer apps do not allow writing media control tasks
  • searched via my favorite search machine for my problem:
    • the search results are related to old problems more then five years ago and, hence, target old android versions
    • often all media control commands are affected
    • only some apps are affected (e.g. here)
  • tried another version of LineageOS
  • tried a smartphone with a freshly installed OS
  • 1
    You could raise this issue in MacroDroid forums too alternatively try with Tasker to rule out automation issues (I neither use NFC nor Tasker but it may be worth a check) +1 for a detailed homework
    – beeshyams
    Commented Jul 19, 2022 at 4:58
  • 1
    @beeshyams Thanks for the positive comment. I'll check out Tasker. Commented Jul 20, 2022 at 9:15


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