My Android Phone Is Not Charging. Bootloader Shows The Warning Battery Low. I Accedentaly Erased /Boot /Recovery /System Partition. And Because Battery Is Low I Can Not Flash Boot.Img And Recovery.Img. Is This Happening Because I Erased /Boot /Recovery If Yes Then Why ? When I Connect The Phone With My Laptop On Fastboot Mode It Starts The Charging [AND THAT TO VERY SLOW ] Not In Wall Charger.

I Did Not Find Any Working Solution On Xda , Stackoverflow Etc. Can Anybody Help Me To Solving This Plz.

  • What happens if you shut down the phone and then connect it to the charger?
    – Robert
    Jul 25 at 7:01
  • Firstly It Does Not Shutdown , When I Hold Power Button To Switch Off The Phone Nothing Happens.When The Battery Gets Discharge Fully Then It Switch Off. And Then I Plug It With Charger It Starts Charging Only For 2-3 Min (The Chargin Notification Light Turns On ) And Then It Starts Up Automatically And Go Into Bootloader And It Stops Charging.(Charging Notification Light Turs Off ) Bootloader Gives Warning Battery Is Low. Jul 25 at 7:55
  • If Some How My Phone Dont Start After Pluging Charger Then I Guess It Can Charge. I Dont Know I Think Bootloader Is Stoping My Phone From Charing. Jul 25 at 8:01
  • for flashing in preloader or edl mode, no battery is needed at all
    – alecxs
    Aug 7 at 17:03


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