I have 2 Android devices: a tablet from Denver and a cell phone from Xiaomi (Redmi 9C), I installed scrcpy on my MX Linux pc, I have no problem to access tablet through scrcpy, but when I tried with Redmi 9C, I can only see it, the mouse does not work, did I miss some settings? The developer option is enabled (is there any other options inside developer options that I need to change/enable? I only enabled developer options). note:

  1. I've tried enable file transfer when plugin the USB cable, seems to make no difference and adb device command can see this device.
  2. adb version 1.0.41
  • Looking at the issues page of scrcpy it seems that there are quite a few devices which have problems with scrcpy.
    – Robert
    Commented Jul 30, 2022 at 11:49

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This is the solution given by alecxs.

Add Mi account and enable USB debugging (Security settings) option under Developer options.

enter image description here

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