We used to have an old tablet, using an older version of Android, where multiple user profiles were allowed, but one at a time. The benefit was that each account was "personal", meaning one could not just freely access the emails of another member of the family.

Fast forward 2022, we have a brand new Android tablet. It's way more powerful, but also, the multi user accounts setup has changed. Now, all accounts seem to be available "simultaneously", in the same session. It's fun for kids who can have access to the games of parents, but it goes a step too far by making every email of everyone immediately available to everybody. And everyone can impersonate anyone, just by switching account, no login protection required.

It's way too open. It's even a barrier to letting the tablet be used freely by occasional visitors, so it definitely has a direct impact on usage pattern. I suspect Android has a solution to make each account a bit more personal. But I couldn't find it. Searching on this topic over Internet delivers mountains of irrelevant information, it's hard to find anything useful for this topic. Hence the question here.

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    User Accounts are isolated. User Profiles run simultaneously. They are two related but different features. Many OEMs disable the former on their devices. Aug 5 at 17:36


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