I have a handful of apps that have file pickers, but they only show me what is in /storage/emulated/0 (also shown on my phone as "Internal Storage") and below. I want to mount a NAS so that i can access the files through these other apps but I can't figure out how.

Mounting the network drive with Cx File Explorer or SolidExplorer does not seem to make the drive accessible to other apps.

Is there a way to mount the NAS as a subdirectory of the internal storage? Or create a symbolic link to the mounted network drive?

EDIT: From searching more it seems that SolidExplorer/CxFileManager do not mount the network drive as a "system wide" drive. Nor does it seem that stock Pixel 6/6 Pro kernels support CIFS.

Not sure what to do as i'm not looking to flash a new kernel or rom.



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