When I search if Samsung Galaxy S8 supports MHL or not, I am getting crazy.

50% of online articles say S8 does not support MHL including mhltech.org link and technipages

Another 50% of online articles say S8 supports MHL.

It obviously supports USB-C to HDMI Adapter which is only one side with Type-C port and another side with HDMI port cable.

If S8 does NOT support MHL, what is the difference between "USB-C to HDMI Adapter" and "MHL"?

Does "USB-C to HDMI Adapter" have worse video output than "MHL"?

Thanks a lot.

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    AFAIK MHL uses a passive cable, which means the used display has to support MHL. Where as HDMI is a common standard, so the converter is active: it has a chip which generates the HDMI signal from the signal it gets via USB (not sure what protocol is used on USB level).
    – Robert
    Sep 4, 2022 at 16:53

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It seems to me that Samsung in all their infinite wisdom decided people needed a DEX Station to put their S8 into to achieve this purpose, to push their own devices/accessories instead of someone else's.

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