is there any way to make your android keyboard to type in latin alphabet but it writes in other language for i.e. persian(Farsi) or other languages? for i.e. if your write phonetics of some word in latin alphabet(english alphabet) and it writes the equivalent persian word in input box.

like the picture below when in google translate the input language is something other than latin languages it suggests the persian writting.

enter image description here

the persian keyboard of android phone of one of my friends suddenly has been changed, and behaves like told. and the language symbol when you swipe is A->ا which probably means write in latin and receive persian.

I checked all the language settings. nothing odd was there except only one thing that I checked which was Farsi Latin input language and the problem was not due to that. btw you can forget about the (Farsi Latin) because its was not set at the first place. I told only for purpose of the ways I have tried.

so how to take the keyboard back to normal Farsi?

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Possibly what you want is called Gboard, where you choose the language you want to type as and the keyboard layout you want to use.

Read more here

  • thanks I'll check it tomorrow Sep 6, 2022 at 22:48

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