I have a Bluetooth external keyboard with German layout (QWERTZ) that worked well with my old Huawei P10 Lite phone (Android 8.0). Unfortunately with my current Oppo Android 12 (ColorOS 12.1) phone I have a big problem:

I cannot switch the keyboard layout, that is: Make Android know that the keyboard layout is German. When I press Shift+Space, then the layout of the virtual keyboard displayed changes, but the keys on the external keyboard "still send the wrong character" (e.g.: I press Z on the keyoard, but Y is entered on the phone).

Did I use the wrong method to change the layout of the external keyboard, or is this some bug?

I see this question is very similar to Bluetooth keyboards is not switching languages properly

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After upgrading ColorOS to Android 13 the problem was fixed, meaning: I was able to select the keyboard layout.

So it seems it was a bug in ColorOS.

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