There is one notorious app. That gets installed every now and then. How do I stop it from happening in Android 12. Is there a way to block it from ever installing from google play store?

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    If an app that uses the same packageName but a different signature app installation should be blocked. You can try to build a simple "hello world app" using the same packageName as the app you want to block or you could try to edit an existing app of small size you decompile with apktool, change the packageName in AndroidManifest.xml recompile it, sign it using a generated custom signature key and the install it on your phone.
    – Robert
    Sep 27, 2022 at 7:03

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Turn automatic update off in settings

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    This may stop updating existing app, but doesn't prevent installing the app if it's not yet installed (e.g. after uninstallation).
    – Andrew T.
    Sep 28, 2022 at 1:52

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