I searched multiple times, but I only stumble upon "informative" articles about how to use 4G Calling.

But my burning question is whether it cuts into my data plan - because if it does not, would there be any reason to disable it? The only issue I observed was that on loss of 4G connection (or Wifi, for wifi calling) the call can be interrupted, is that correct?

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    To my knowledge 4G calling which is commonly called VoLTE should not count to your data plan. The only disadvantage I know about VoLTE is that some phones or MNOs some times can not correctly distinguish for some small data packets if they belong to VoLTE or your regular data. This is only a problem if you have disabled mobile data but not VoLTE and you don't have pay by volume data plan without a certain free amount (like when you are roaming in a country abroad). Then a few KB of VoLTE may be transmitted and you have to pay them.
    – Robert
    Oct 9, 2022 at 20:34


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