I have added user certificates, but Android do not let me delete most of them.

How did I add the certificates:

  • Open the setting drop down menu
  • Go to Biometrics and Security -> Other Security settings -> Install from Device Storage
  • Enter the pin
  • Type a name for the certificate
  • Choose if it is used for VPN and apps or Wi-Fi

1- If I add it as a Wi-Fi cert, then I can see it in the list from the User certificates menu, but it is not present in the list from View Security certificates. This kind of certificate do not let me delete the certificate later.

2- If I add it as a VPN and apps cert, then I see it both in the list from the User certificates menu, and also in the list from the menu View security certificates, at the tab USER. Only from this tab I can delete the certificate. I cannot delete from the menu User certificates.

In both scenarios the CA certificate has no effect. The certificate has been tested in other different machines, working fine, and it has the flag CA=TRUE.

Then, my questions are:

a- How to delete the VPN and apps certificates I've ended up adding many duplicates

b- How to get the CA certificate to properly work? I am testing it with Firefox, Firefox Focus, and Chrome.

Android version 10, running on Samsung Galaxy note 9.


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