I know the Clubhouse have the music playing feature in the new version of it, but I don't have the music quality option in my Clubhouse app. Based of this post, it must have the below icons:

How to enable and use Music Mode in Clubhouse?

To enable the new feature, users can open Clubhouse and once they are in a room, they can navigate to the options by tapping on the three-dot menu on the top-right. Look for the 'Audio Quality' option here and subsequently, Choose 'Music' amongst the various options.

But my room options are like below:

My phone is Xiaomi Note 9A on Android 10, as you can see below:

And its permission are :

Also I use dual app option in my Xiaomi phone, so I have two Clubhouse app at my cellphone.

So if possible, I want to know why I don't have music options in my Clubhouse rooms.


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As explained in the article and Clubhouse blog article, the Music Mode is currently only available on iOS.

As was the case with spatial audio, Music Mode will roll out on iOS first with Android as a fast follow.

This is strengthen with the remark on Clubhouse Knowledge Center.

What is music mode?

Note: Music mode is currently only available on iOS.

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