I currently own a Pixel 3 (or 3a?) and Google recently launched Android 13 which dropped support for devices older than the Pixel 4. I was wondering if this is Google wanting you to buy a new phone or Android 13 actually not being able to run.

AKA: If I downloaded AOSP from the Android website, would I be able to build it for a Pixel 3? If so, would I be able to flash it on to my phone, or would it not work/crash/brick my phone/refuse to install?

Thanks in advance!

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    1) Just like all vendors dropping support intentionally after certain years, Google also does it, 2) there's no stock Android 13 image for Pixel 3(a), other stock images may either refuse to install or brick the device, 3) XDA Devs listed Android 13 AOSP-based custom ROMs, including for Pixel 3(a).
    – Andrew T.
    Oct 16, 2022 at 16:49


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