I have a stock evo with froyo. I'd like to listen to the audio streams from nba.com. Even using wifi, the stream is slowed down and unintelligible when using the default browser. I can listen to the same stream, same network, on an ancient Pentium 2 with better quality, so I don't believe it's a hardware problem.

I'm really not sure where to start investigating - would Dolphin handle this better? Is there an app I can use to buffer the stream? Is the site detecting the android browser and degrading the stream? (I changed the user agent string - no effect)

I'm aware there are NBA apps on Android Market but they are getting slammed on the reviews. I bought the GameTime app last year on my Blackberry Curve and was fine with it, but I don't want to pay and find out it doesn't work.

  • Without further investigation I can't help you much right now but just on your comment "I don't want to pay and find out it doesn't work" the good thing about Android is you have 24 hours to refund the app if you're not happy with it. Give it a go... try as many as you can until you find one that works for you. – mlevit Nov 1 '10 at 22:04

Just wanted to update this in case anyone else cares.

This and many other streaming audio issues seem fixed in the latest OTA: 3.70.651.1

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