How can I suppress notifications, such as Amber alerts, on Android 11? I am getting numerous alerts for which I can do nothing, but my peace is being interrupted by these irrelevant alerts.


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On the Home Screen, swipe up to show the list of installed Apps, search for "Messages" and open the "Messages" app.

Tap the 3 vertical dots "..." next to the magnifying glass (upper-right corner of the screen) and select "Settings".

Select "Emergency alert settings" Select "Emergency alerts"

You can now uncheck "Extreme alerts", "Severe alerts", and "AMBER alerts".

Verified on Android 9, but provided here in the hope it will be helpful to others, as these steps are somewhat arcane, and searching in settings yields no results.


Open Setttings -> Notifications -> Wireless emergency alerts, set AMBER alerts to off.

Assuming you are using Google Messages:

  1. Press the profile, then Messages settings.
  2. Press Advanced -> Wireless emergency alerts. Press the 3-dots, select Alert preferences.
  3. Emergency alerts opens. Set AMBER alerts to off. Or you can just switch off Allow alerts.

Optionally, you can also switch off Extreme threats and Severe threats.


The exact method will vary by device, but the general steps are:

  1. Go to the Settings app
  2. Select "Apps & notifications", or your device's equivalent category containing notification preferences.
  3. Select "Wireless emergency alerts", which may be under Advanced.
  4. Toggle the alerts that you wish to receive on/off.

Alternatively, if your OEM moved the category for the alerts, you can use the settings app's search bar to search for "Wireless emergency alerts".

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