I use a Pixel 6 and Android 12. When opening the Google Lens app for the first time, the following dialog appears:

Welcome to Google Lens

Google Lens helps you search what you see. You're signed as [email protected]
This account will be able to see your Lens, Search, and Assistant activity.

Cancel Continue

How can I change the Google account used by the Google Lens app?


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Lens seems to be integrated with the Google Assistant. So you'll want to change the account that is selected to be used for the Assistant.

Fast way (using Settings search)

  • Settings (app)
  • Search at the top for "assistant"
  • Pick the account here you would rather use

Long way (going only through menus)

  • Settings (app)
  • Apps & notifications
  • Assistant
  • See all Assistant Settings
  • Pick the account here you would rather use

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