Recently, I've found that Google Messages doesn't show a contact name for most of the messages. It's just a phone number displayed. When I click on Details, there is no contact information. When I go to contact via Contacts (Google) app then the number is here.

It doesn't show contact both on the phone and at https://messages.google.com.

The app has permission to allow Contacts.

App version: messages.android_2022101_01_RC02.phone_dynamic

Mobile OS: MIUI 13.0.15 / Android 12 SKQ1.210908.001

Any ideas on how to fix it?

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This has been fixed in the messages.android_2022107_04_RC02.phone_dynamic version.


I had the same issue. Uninstalled/reinstalled, did not fix.

Some contact did not have a 1 in front of the number - adding a 1 made them appear.

Even easier - I changed the current country from "automatically detected" to US in the messages settings.

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  • It has already been fixed, over a year ago, the OP said it was software update Commented Jan 4 at 23:47

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