So today my Xiaomi Note 10 decided to start bootlooping for no reason, it worked 5 minutes before I went on the bus, and then I just could not access it anymore. Since I always had USB debugging enabled in developer options I booted into "Connect with MIAssistant" and booted into ADB Interface. I can't seem to get the files out at all with "adb pull /sdcard" or anything like that, the device is listed on cmd as "sideload". I've also tried Xiaomi's PCSuite, but that wont even detect the phone in the first place. All I need is to recover my files(mostly just gallery) and after that I don't give a damn if the phone bricks, dies or explodes. Right now the phone bootloops, but can actually load into setup. Like I can get into lockscreen for about a max of 5 seconds, until it crashes, I can turn on any setting in the top UI if I'm fast enough, the phone can also sometimes crash even in the recovery menu. The only place where I haven't seen it crash is the Fastboot mode.

Literally any help is appreciated.

I've tried using "adb pull /sdcard and other alternatives, the error message is always 0 files pulled, 0 files missed" I've tried "adb shell and the error message is "error:closed"" I've tried using Xiaomi's PCSuite recovery software I would have expected the "adb pull /sdcard" to be a saving grace, an Ace up my sleeve, but it couldn't pull the files.


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