The smartphone is a OnePlus Nord CE 5G, model EB2103.

Basically, when I focus a field where I'm supposed to enter a password, a system "Display over other apps" like this

takes over and overlays the original app, not allowing me to enter the password in any way.

This happened after I upgraded to Android 12.

Here I've filmed what happens.

Any clue how I can solve this?

I've also noticed one more detail. If the app has the little eye icon to make it show the password (unlike the app in the video), I can click on that icon before focusing the password field, then when I focus it and type the passord, the annoying thing doesn't happen.

Here is the video of this behavior, but be aware that the screen never gets full black for me; I always see what's going on while I type the password.


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According to the logcat, the Password Store (legacy) app (package name: com.zeapo.pwdstore) tried to open the "Display over other apps" permission settings.

The relevant logcat is

ActivityTaskManager: START u0 {act=android.settings.action.MANAGE_OVERLAY_PERMISSION dat=package:com.zeapo.pwdstore flg=0x10000000 cmp=com.android.settings/.Settings$OverlaySettingsActivity mCallingUid=10278} from uid 10278

This has been reported on its GitHub repo, Issue #767 - [BUG] "Display over other apps" settings panel keeps popping up.. According to the developer, this is caused by the older autofill method leveraging the accessibility service for pre-Oreo (because the proper autofill service was introduced in Android 8.0 Oreo).

From comment #13 and afterward by the developer:

@jonathf @Rio6 can you both check your accessibility services and verify if the Password Store service is still enabled?

Yes, it is installed and enabled.

That's the problem, it shouldn't be. We don't use the accessibility service on Android Oreo and above. Try disabling it manually and I'll push a patch to prompt users automatically.

I've updated the fix for this at #827 to automatically disable the a11y service on Android Oreo and above so we'll be able to seamlessly resolve the problem without manual intervention.

For the solution, disabling the accessibility service for this app should fix the issue.

Note: according to Site/app linking to the legacy Password Store, the app has been migrated from com.zeapo.pwdstore to dev.msfjarvis.aps. The renewed app is on:

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