I have Galaxy S10e (beyond0lte), which had crDroid 11 installed. I flashed the latest stock firmware, then TWRP patched with Magisk 25.0 using Odin and was able to get into TWRP. In TWRP I installed the crDroid 12 zip. It appeared to succeed, I wiped cache/Dalvik cache as suggested, and rebooted. My phone is now stuck on the boot screen showing

This phone is not running Samsung's official software. (blah blah blah)

Samsung Galaxy S10e

I left it like that for a good half hour just in case.

The only thing I can do now is reboot by holding Vol Down + Power. I cannot get into recovery mode nor download mode, no matter how many times I try the key combinations (Vol Up/Down + Bixby + Power) - it just goes back to that screen. I was able to do both before installing the crDroid 12 ZIP. Is there anything I can do to recover this phone?

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It seems that the stock firmware update changed what needs to be done to get into recovery or download mode!

I now need to have the USB cable connected to a computer while pressing the same key combo (Volume Up + Bixby + Power). Some say to have it connected to power only, not a computer, but that didn't work for me. To get into download mode I now have to power off the phone and hold down Volume Down + Bixby while plugging in the USB cable.

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