I'm using BirdNET application to collect data about birds. However, the app does not support registration and data synchronisation, or even import/export.

I asked support if they provide the way to backup data, but there is no such way; info from the support:

Thanks for reaching out to us. Users can save and text/email the sound file of their recordings from the app; however, it does not offer the option of backing up the observations and transfer them to a new device. Sorry for any inconvenience. 

Question: How can I backup that data? Is there any app that would do that auto

  • On unrooted devices you can only use what the app offers. So if the developers tell you that backup is not supported then that is your answer.
    – Robert
    Commented Dec 7, 2022 at 15:58

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It is possible to export and import all observations in the BirdNET application now:

> Show observations > > Export Observations

enter image description here

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