When I try to share my location in Google Maps on my Samsung Galaxy S21 FE, I get the following error message:

screen shot

Roughly translated, the error message means "Location sharing is not enabled on this device". Next to it is a link labeled "Beheben", which means "Fix it". When I click on that link, the link is replaced with a spinner for about 1 second, then the "Fix it" link just reappears, and nothing else happens.

Why is Google Maps unable to fix the problem, and how can I fix it myself? The issue seems somehow related to my Google account, since I can share my location when logging in to Maps with another Google account.

What I already tried:

  • Check my Google account settings: Everything there looks fine to me.
  • "Send feedback" to Google: Done (at least) twice in the last months. No reply.
  • Ask on the Google community forum. Won't work. (More or less) the same message as in this question here results in "Failed to post. Content violates Community Policy."


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