I'm trying to transfer video files to my phone, HTC Google Nexus One (Android 2.3.6), but with this strange behaviour:

  • After I copy file to the phone, when I'm opening it with computer it works ok.

  • After turning off USB mass storage, I open the video file with my phone's video players and it's not opening.

  • When I mount the phone to computer again and try to open it with the computer video players it again can't open.

I suppose that:

  • The problem is not with video encoding, since it can be opened the first time, from the PC.

  • It can be opened from the PC after I transfer it to the phone, so the problem is not with cable or transfer either.

The fact is, that after I unmount phone from my computer, the video crashes and can't be opened either by the phone or the PC!!!!

Can someone help me with this?

I will be very appreciated.

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    Video format might not be compatible with the phone's player. But if the PC can't play it either, you may have a corruption due to an incomplete write. Are you unmounting the phone from the host OS, then disabling mass storage on the phone itself, before pulling the cable? After a reconnection, using a tool like diff to check the version on the phone against the source version on the PC would be a good test. Jun 28, 2012 at 15:38

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This looks like a corrupted file. You most probably pulled the cable before everything was written to disk. Compare original and copied file by calculating both md5sums and see if they match:

Open office' site has a comprehensive guide how to do that on Windows and Linux (same on MacOS). http://www.openoffice.org/dev_docs/using_md5sums.html


I solved it by downloading ES File Explorer from the Play Store (it's free), then put the videos that won't copy in a ZIP file - which you copy to your Android device and extract them there.

I successfully played those videos using the VLC beta version.

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