tl;dr How to prevent Kodi from continuing playback when you press Exit button on remote controller?

When you're playing a video file in any Android TV player that I have tested so far (about dozens) when you press Exit button on remote controller, your player stops playback. This is as obvious as it can be. "Exit" means "Stop".

Someone at Kodi's development team doesn't understand that and figured out that it will be so cool to continue playback when in Kodi 19.3 user presses Exit button. Kodi truly exits to the menu, but continues to play current movie in the background in something that I call a "mini-player".

This is as stupid as it can be, because usually I need to browse 5-6 menu screens until I get back to the home screen when I can turn this damn thing off.

Is there any configuration switch that controls this? Is there any way to disable this stupid behavior?

I think I have browsed each and every configuration section in Expert mode and found nothing. So I just want to get myself confirmed that I must learn myself to live with this.


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