Whilst automating a calendar setup over tor, and I was looking for an open source, and more robust way to automatically configure Orbot to: 0. Allow the Connection request (prompt: ok)

  1. Select the Davx5 application to be "torified".
  2. Start the Orbot service.

My current approach is to use simulated keypresses, as described here. However, if a call comes in, or messages popup, this may lead to unintended effects.


So I thought of three options: 0. Determine where the Orbot app settings are stored on the phone and modify those.

  1. Pre-configure a build with the intended settings.
  2. Write a termux script that performs the Orbot configuration settings.

However, the pre-compilation is somewhat involved, especially to do on arbitrary pc's that just want the calendar, and if I do it myself (once), users have to rely on my compiled file, which I prefer to avoid.

Furthermore, I did not yet find if/where the Orbot app settings/configurations are stored on a device, and whether this location is the same for each device/automatically retrievable.


How can one robustly and automatically configure Orbot through ADB?


The device is rooted.

  • Have you tried to discuss this with the Orbot developers? Usually there is a mailing list, news group, Slack/IRC or whatever channel where you can contact the developers. May be they have a better idea or add a new feature.
    – Robert
    Jan 5, 2023 at 9:10


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