I'd like to connect a German Macintosh keyboard to my Android device. It uses swapped signals for °/^ and </> as well as different positions for [, ], {, } and @. It also has a bunch of special characters, but I don't consider those of high priority.

I tested More Physical Keyboard Layouts, but it doesn't feature Macintosh layouts (yet). I also saw the External Keyboard Helper Pro that allows to define a custom layout, but it requires a Google Account to buy it from the Play Store, but I need a solution that works with AOSP.

(Free apps on the Play Store are fine, because I can download those anonymously using the Aurora Store.)


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If remapping some keys is enough for you take a look at ExKeyMo. Disclaimer: I'm the developer. It can build an app with your custom layout built-in.


ExKeyMo has two modes Simple one to remap keys and Complex one to enter custom Key Character Map file. Also there is ExKeyMo's Docs page.


ExKeyMo web app is not available on Heroku anymore. You'll have to run it locally. See the project's page on GitHub.

  • It's not a bad take, but it won't work. For instance, the @ sign is on L instead of Q using the alt/opt modifier, but I cannot swap L with Q for obvious reasons. Your solution only supports single stroke remaps, I'd need to map from shortcuts to alternative shortcuts involving multiple keys. Jan 14, 2023 at 17:43
  • @MartinBraun ExKeyMo has complex remapping. Just enter content of your custom Key Character Map file in the ExKeyMo's form and click Download to get an app with your layout built-in. Don't forget to check ExKeyMo's docs. I will edit my answer to provide more info. Jan 15, 2023 at 12:38

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