i want to forward the mobile Internet on my rooted Pixel 7 to my router. My router forwards ports 80/443 to a client in my local network to host some web services. I want to be able to forward the ports from my phone to the local client:

Internet --5G (rmnet1)--> Pixel 7 --Ethernet (eth0)--> Router --> Client:443

I have no GCNat in front of the Pixel 7. In fact i can forward non priviliged ports with the Fwd: port forwarder app and its working as expected

Ideally all ports would be forwarded to the router as i also want to use Wireguard. I would also be happy if the phone is only working as a dumb modem, bridging the two interfaces.

I already tried the answers here and here, but requests always timed out.

  • As stated in the question I have no GCNAT. I have a public ipv4 which I can call. I can even forward non privileged ports via the fwd app.
    – Reldeis
    Jan 15 at 7:02


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