I got a new phone and went to T-Mobile (my carrier) to switch my Motorola to my new Samsung. However, my memory card in my Motorola was set as internal NOT portable so I couldn't remove it and put it in my Samsung to transfer all my files. They used Samsung Smart Switch but I didn't get everything transferred over.

The one thing that was most important was a conversation between a real good close friend of mine on Facebook Messenger. It shows my end of the conversation but his end is all blank! Erased! This was our last conversation we had because just 2 hours after this he had unexpectedly died from an asthma attack! I really want this back. I don't understand why only half of the chat would be gone. I would think that if there was an issue transferring that data over then the entire conversation would be gone. Not just his end. And we were no longer friends on Facebook and his photo turned into a blank silhouette.

Does anyone know what I can try to do to restore all data from the old phone to the new one?

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    Sorry to hear about your loss. Regarding "And we were no longer friends on Facebook and his photo turned into a blank silhouette" Facebook stores most of its data on its server, not on the Android device, so the data transfer shouldn't affect that. However, Facebook also allows someone else to manage/delete the account if they have passed away: What happens to my Facebook account if I pass away
    – Andrew T.
    Jan 20 at 8:55


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