In my Xiaomi redmi note 10 pro I have two VNP clients: Cisco AnyConnect and OpenVPN.

They were both working fine and I had access to internet even with active VPN connection.

After the upgrade from Android 11 to Android 12, I have no internet access when a VPN connection is open.

Has anyone had the same issue?

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There have been some reported cases same as yours.

These methods often got rid of the glitch:

  1. Clear VPN App Storage and Cache
  2. Disable Smart Switch Between WiFi and Mobile Data
  3. Update the VPN App
  4. Reset Network Settings
  5. Reinstall the VPN App

If all of the fore-mentioned methods fail follow this video to grant app ops the ADB permission and then manually grant the VPN permission to the app.

As Drew_pew_pew_pew mentions:

I have the same phone and same crap. I use app ops and shizuku to manually grant vpn apps permission. https://youtu.be/diFi8BJYr3c . Had problems with the wireless method at first. But once you paired and press start in shizuku, I had to go back in dev settings and disable/enable wireless debugging again.


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