Maybe someone could point me in the right direction, just trying to make a complete backup of my phone (Samsung Galaxy S22), so I could back everything up when needed, I have tried the 'Titanium Backup' and 'Swift Backup' tools so far, but they only back up the .apks, and my Google login credentials are lost.

I am really kind of lost browsing through some 11-year-old topics about 'nandroid' and 'ClockWorkMod', do people use these tools today?

  • Is your phone rooted? Without root most data will remain inaccessible even for backup.
    – Robert
    Feb 4, 2023 at 0:04
  • Yes, it is rooted Feb 4, 2023 at 0:22

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For a non-rooted phone, I have found Samsung Smart Switch the best option. But it will not restore to non-Samsung phones. I may still work for rooted phones.

Otherwise, I quite like MyPhoneExplorer. You can see what you are backing up in the filesystem and it has numerous options on what you want to back up.

However, I do not believe that you can backup/restore

  • Paid-for apps - I guess it's a safety feature for developers. Otherwise, you could get multiple copies of paid-for apps working.
  • Credentials - Again, I believe it's a safety feature for you.

If you save passwords to your Google Account for Android App and Chrome, then I think these could be restored.

From support.google

Use passwords across your devices You can sign in to apps and sites on different devices using passwords saved to your Google Account when you either:

  • Turn on sync in Chrome on Android
  • Sign in to Chrome on your computer

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