We are using the GitHub Android app on our Samsung Android 13 Galaxy A13 5G.

We are about to create a GitHub issue, but we are headed into a template=browser.yml URL that the repository owner set up for this particular issue type.

Why isn't Chrome showing up at the bottom here among the choices? It's odd to see Brave there but not Chrome. Yes I tried setting each as the browser app for my phone. It doesn't matter.

! Browser list at bottom of screen]1

Chrome shows up on my other phone but not this phone. I checked all the Chrome settings of course, and the permissions of the Chrome app too.

Note I don't own the GitHub repository. I'm just trying to file a simple issue using the template. The same thing happens with any repository on GitHub too.

Anyway here is the intent:


ACTION: android.intent.action.VIEW DATA: https://github.com/bitwarden/clients/issues/new?template=cli.yml URI: intent://github.com/bitwarden/clients/issues/new?template=cli.yml#Intent;scheme=https;launchFlags=0x3000000;package=uk.co.ashtonbrsc.android.intentintercept;end FLAGS: FLAG_ACTIVITY_FORWARD_RESULT FLAG_ACTIVITY_PREVIOUS_IS_TOP


You might say well just don't use the GitHub app. Just browse the GitHub website with Chrome in the first place.

The same thing happens: Chrome tries to launch the .yml and it tries to call another app, it can't even call itself recursively.


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