This is a follow-up troubleshooting question to this one here in this very same forum.

After repeatedly confirming the connection through both of adb devices -l and fastboot devices -l tantamounting to at least ~5½ of overall sessions for the restore command of a 7.95GB-heavy backup file, whenever there's a successful prompt after proper command-execution of the following: adb restore <filepath>

But I managed to notice the constant: The restoration always gets stuck on com.qualcomm.timeservice quite oddly till time-immemorial, since I understand that I might be at fault somehow, somewhere — but in spite of that, if the latest builds of so-called AOSP do not support alarm-ringing during device shutdown [not caused by battery-drainage], I can safely conclude that the alarm did work during switch-off state of my device at least once. Doesn't that translate to the package working fine, instead of having gone corrupt by the time I created the .ab file? More details for those who un-stereotypically can digest in-depth text, they may get better context over there with some back-citation to key comments in that preceding question over here. But other than the exact package which gets stuck, I should also note that I did try adb push <PC's .ab filepath> <device's root-directory path> after 1-2 trials-&-errors to determine which one is exactly it. It went upto 100% in ADB Enabled recovery mode, and then.. Failed to be stored by the time I booted the device last-time I clean-reinstalled the latest-build[ as I originally send this] of LineageOS 19. The rest of the context is summarised there, except that I haven't tried bmgr of adb shell 'cus using bu help wasn't much of a help, so it slipped my mind to try creating backup through that method — nevermind restoring.

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    com.qualcomm.timeservice is an internals service you don't need to recover. I would extract the backup data using abe, delete the data for this package, rebuild the backup file and try again to recover the data.
    – Robert
    Commented Feb 10, 2023 at 8:05
  • Ahh.. Hey, Mr "@Robert"! Here we 'meet' a-gain. Hope you're doing well. No I am asking with utmost sincerity.⏎Alright.. So I guess back to my irregularly-accessible PC then? (Since the apps like jackpal.androidterm function properly on rooted-devices only, no?) Also, is not locking the bootloader [as of] yet — a good-thing, no? Is it insignificant/immaterial/irrelevant? And do I have to create a newer backup-file and necessarily wipe the cache and system partitions, if not necessarily a wholesome clean-reinstall for the 6½th time?
    – maazkalim
    Commented Feb 11, 2023 at 3:10
  • P.S. Okay, Mr @Robert .. I had to struggle since past innumerable hours in innumerable sessions, since it turns out, in ascending-order of my misery: A) The adb.exe, a-gain download as part of standalone SDK platform-tools kit, had gone wholesomely corrupt but unlike the in-depth explanation at XDA, it hadn't reduced to "0KB" or anywhere remotely-near it. B) If it helps, frighteningly, turns out the very same case was with my .ab file in question — but I managed to 'miraculously' recover it full-&-proper when I regained my composure. C) One bad, one good — you say? Not that soon, ...
    – maazkalim
    Commented Feb 13, 2023 at 11:04
  • ...given my jinx, after all. It turns that the PC I'm able to irregularly access had been deemed as "high-tech" as it is ancient( quarter-past-11-years as I "add" this) had been thoroughly rid of Java®, so I couldn't access any .jar file — as mandated by your tool. So I tried to install that "bestest-ever, open-source Java" programme from that .net official-web but in spite of installing the certificate separately, I still couldn't get it to installation. So we went to the OGs, ~~Sun® Microsystems~~ Oracle® and after having expended twice the amount of time and more importantly, the
    – maazkalim
    Commented Feb 13, 2023 at 11:11
  • bandwidth-allowance for a single, ubiquitous step in the ongoing voyage. C) After having installed it, it took my devraj m several tens-of-minutes to learn how to deploy the abe.jar[ through Windows® PowerShell® from the "Downloads" folder"] within the hostile/unhelpful environment taking the toll on my mind, and when I finally managed to do so i.e. convert that successfully-recovered .ab file, your recommended-tool turned-out to be profoundly useless for editing .tar aka, a misnomer of sorts. Since the conditions weren't conducive to me, I didn't have umpteenth hours to go find...
    – maazkalim
    Commented Feb 13, 2023 at 11:17


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