I have a newer Motorola One 5G Ace, provider is T-Mobile. I've traveled away from home, still in the US though, and have a strange icon (next to my battery indication) that doesn't go away. It looks like a frequency band wave, (squiggly up and down and across) with a bar through it. I would describe it as a "No frequency" icon.

I can't find anything about it, or how it might be indicative of a phone signal problem. It popped up suddenly and now my camera doesn't work, nor does any voice features (dictation into Google or notes). Rebooting doesn't take it way.

Update: I'm back at home and still have the icon and camera/dictation problem so it's not something to do with roaming or being away from T-Mobile's network.


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The strikethrough frequency wave notification icon indicates sensors off. It can be used to disable sensors, including the camera and microphone.

When in airplane mode, devices can still access some sensors to enable specific functionality, such as screen rotation and taking pictures. Android 10 provides a developer options setting to shut off all sensors in a device. This feature [...] gives users a way to control the sensors in their device.

When a developer or user enables Sensors off in developer options (Settings > System > Developer options > Quick settings developer tiles), a new tile appears in the quick settings tray. They can use the tile to prevent apps from accessing the camera, microphone, and all sensors managed by the SensorManager class.

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