Somehow I lost (or I partially lost) full root access to my SD card /Android/data/ folder. So, as you can see from the following screenshot, in my Internal storage all is working properly - I can see and access my folders from the /Android/data subfolders

Full Access

If I go to my SD card /Android/data folder, subfolders are looking more like files (instead of looking lik all like on the internal memory /Android/data/ folders with specific icons or like the com.mixplorer.silver folder), and if I click on them, instead of entering the folders I get the "Open with... popup". I don't know why this happened, I just know I removed once the SD card from the phone and access it through an SD card reader through my PC. Limited Access Open with...

All I remember, is that initially (when I first installed the SD card into the phone) all looked normal and I've got the following dialog when I first wanted to access the /Android/data/ folder


If I use Solid Explorer & Root Browser apps the subfolders isnide /Android/data/ folder look as in MiXplorer (as files rather than folders) an I can't access them. The only app that seems to work is Root Explorer (which showed as well the first time the Files access popup showed just above). So, does anyone have any solution to that? Oh, one more thing. If I paste or type the path of subfloders inside apps folders, I can access the content. But I can not open or edit text like files.

May be is important to mention as well, that this is happening on a Samsung S20 FE with Android 11. On the other hand, thinks are working flawlessly on my Ulefone Power Armor 13 with Android 11.



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