I recently upgraded from a Samsung Galaxy S9+ to the S23 Ultra and noticed that it almost daily pushes notifications like this:

Settings: Android System Intelligence got your location in the background. This app can always access your location. Tap to change.

When I long-press to change the notification settings, it looks like the notification is coming from "Permission controller" - and the "allow notifications" option is disabled (and on), with no options to disable notifications for subcategories either.

I granted these permissions and really dont want to see this daily, it is a bit obnoxious in my opinion.

I read this article from 2018 saying this could be disabled, however, on this phone I do not have this option. There is no "Lock screen and security" option - these were split into two different menu screens now. The Lock Screen menu screen has no such options. The Security and Privacy menu has a "Permission manager" option under the "Privacy" option, but there are no options anywhere to disable it.

I would like to disable this without rooting the phone. Any help is appreciated.

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    Hi. If immediate automatic dismissal of that notification is acceptable as a solution, see if my answer here works for you. You would have to use "Permission controller" as the target app in that answer.
    – Firelord
    Mar 2 at 19:28
  • Just following up, thanks for suggesting this - it worked pretty well and also is a pretty good app, thanks again!
    – Mark L
    Mar 8 at 16:42
  • No problem @MarkL. :)
    – Firelord
    Mar 8 at 17:00

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I have Android 13 on Note 20. I don't get those notifications.

It seems to me that you can either disable the Permission Manager or notifications from it, or you could change the permissions of Android System Intelligence

For that

  • Go to Settings
  • Select Apps
  • Press on 3 vertical dots on top right
  • Select Permission Manager
  • Select Location
  • Select Android System Intelligence
  • Remove the Location Permission from it.
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    The Permission Manager does not have the option to be disabled or to disable notifications, which I explained in my question. And I am not looking to change any of my permissions for apps, my question is about suppressing the notification of what permissions I am using, since I already know what permissions I have granted and don't need reminders.
    – Mark L
    Mar 6 at 20:57

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