I want to connect to a WPA2 Enterprise wifi network. I have three keys/certs to install: ca.pem, client.crt, client.key.

I have manage to install the ca.pem certificate in my phone and the client.crt.

In my wifi settings, I select my network, then the eap method (TLS) then the ca certificate but I cannot select the user certificate.

How can I select the user certificate in the wifi settings for my network.

  • What do you mean by "cannot select the user certificate"? Is the user certificate field missing or is the field present but your certificate is missing in the list? How has you installed the client certificate and key?
    – Robert
    Mar 3 at 16:21
  • @Robert I can't select a my client certificats as it is not in the list as there is no list. The "user certificats" part is grey. I can't even change something in it
    – Clément
    Mar 7 at 13:11


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