device: Xiaomi Poco X3 (surya)
rom: ArrowOS Vanilla 12.1, build date - November 11, 2023
recovery: brigudav's twrp 3.7.0_12-2
latest stable magisk(25.2)
magisk modules: lawnchair v12.1.0.Alpha3, MagiskHide Props Config v6.1.2, microG installer revived v3, QuickSwitch v3.3.1, Zygisk-LSPosed v1.8.5, systemless hosts 1.0, **de-bloater(now deleted), aurora services v1.1.1(now deleted)

The problem: My phone stucks on start at the Arrow logo(it isnt bootloop, because i can turn off the phone from twrp)
How did i came to it: I opened de-bloater(https://github.com/sunilpaulmathew/De-Bloater), uninstalled simplegallery which was preinstalled, uninstalled aurora services which I installed myself, rebooted with the corresponding button in de-bloater and then the problem appeared

What i tried:

  1. removed the /data/adb/modules/de-bloater folder
  2. reflashed my arrow zip
  3. deleted /data/system/users/1/package-restrictions.xml

and none of this helped

P.s. i have full acces to my data from twrp, so i can provide necessary logs
I need to fix ArrowOS, i wont do clean flash


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