I moved an account from phone x to phone y and secured the account so that phone x had no access anymore. Next I enabled 2FA through the phone number on the new phone, phone y and discarded phone x. That worked fine.

Then I changed my phone number without updating the 2FA.

On phone y I sent an e-mail to myself to confirm that the account was at least working, which it was. When I tried to login on a new phone to the account I ran into problems with 2FA because of the now-defunct phone number. Oddly, the option to hit "tap" on a phone was presented as an option. However, there was no message on phone y about this. No model was mentioned, so possibly it was an alert for phone x for some reason.

I went into account settings on phone y and believe that added an additional number for 2FA after entering the pattern to confirm that phone y was mine. I also had a confirmation code sent to a secondary e-mail. This I thought would be the solution.

Trying to sign-in on phone z to this account brought up an option to sign-in, now specifying phone y by model. However, there were no alerts on phone y as I would expect to see. Ultimately, it turned out that I was now signed out of the account on phone x.

I had an e-mail sent with a confirmation code, again, and entered the confirmation code. Now the account is locked for twenty four hours.

Clearly, I should've confirmed that phone y was logged into the account and connected.

Unfortunately, when logging into the account on phone z the phone number was still listed as the old number.

I'm waiting twenty four hours for an e-mail from Google while they evaluate, but is there something else I could've done here? Now that I'm logged out of the account on phone y it's seemingly now behind a wall of 2FA with an old phone number.



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