I accidentally deleted SystemUI.apk from the following path:


I'm on a custom ROM — Pixel Experience 12.1

The device was working fine even after the delete until I rebooted it. Now after the boot up, the system UI doesn't load. It is stuck at lock screen which doesn't display. I can't use my phone.

Since the recovery is encrypted, I can't even access my data from recovery to back it up.

I've found a SystemUI.apk file for my android version from ApkMirror and put it in the SD card to copy to the original path where I deleted it in the Root but it gives the following error:

enter image description here

I need either of the following solutions:

a) somehow inject SystemUI.apk to the path in root from I deleted it and consequently be able to use my phone as was.

b) if a) isn't possible, then at least recover the files on my internal storage, which I am currently unable to, from recovery, because it's encrypted.

I've also tried dirty flashing the same ROM many times, without any result.

  • Reinstall the custom ROM.
    – Robert
    Mar 6 at 8:17


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