I have a Samsung Tab A8 (Android 12). Recently I bought a Bluetooth keyboard Logitech K480 to go with it. For English, the keyboard works as expected, however I noticed that there is no Armenian language when I am typing with Logitech K480 there are no layouts.

Is there a way to add/install Armenian so I could use it with the physical keyboard (without 3rd party apps)? As I see it, it is a software thing since the keyboard sends the same signals only the mapping is different.

If not, is there a way to do such a thing with 3rd party apps?

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On Android additional keyboard layouts are provided via Key Character Map files. 3rd party apps can have such files built-in. You should take a loot at More Physical Keyboard Layouts app that provide some extra layouts. It's free and open source.

  • Илья, привет. Спасибо. На самом деле фонетическая раскладка узхе есть в Gboard. Я только не знаю, не вижу опции как привязать ее к физической клавиатуре. То есть на экране она показывается, но когда назжимаю клавиши на физической клавиатуре (в русском режиме), все равно печатаетсыа йцукеном.
    – Slava
    Commented 2 days ago

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